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House by Hazel is an independent soft furnishings design studio. Featuring the stunning original illustration and design work of House by Hazel's founder - Hazel Holland. This exceptional draftsman-ship and design is matched by the highest standards of finish, with all production taking place in the UK. Having taken the care to source the best base cloths, Houses’ luxury Fabric by the metre and cushion range is printed to order on a range of outstanding base cloths. Step into this imaginative world and discover the sumptuous textures, rich colour and unique maximalist design which has become Houses’ identity.


Providing customers with exceptional service, knowledge and advice whilst creating products for bold self-expression through completely original design.


At House by Hazel we are a team of two, myself Hazel Holland and my husband Tom Holland. House began in 2013 after I graduated from a degree in Fashion/Textiles. I set out to follow a creative career as an independent designer using my unique visual identity at it's heart. It soon became obvious this was a two man job so Tom was very quickly enlisted as Chief Moral Supporter, Logistics Manager and Sales Rep, and together we run House from our Studio/Gallery in  Penryn, Cornwall.


Design Process.

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Inspiration for me, is found in the warmth and natural environment of summertime sunshine and colour - finding constant inspiration from the wider natural world; discovering a new colour combination, a texture or floral composition. It is this time, outside where observational drawings and motifs are initially sketched out.


Having pinned down a theme, my design process begins - ideas are linked and imagery collaged together. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the creative process for me as it’s where I fit imagery together and make sense of ideas, adding colour and depth, enhancing as I go.


I always see a real difference in a design once it has been printed onto fabric - it’s as though you get a real sense of the piece once this final dimension has been added, and I can understand whether the scale, colours or indeed the design itself is working. Sample pieces may be printed many times before the final design is signed off and goes into production.


The end result of all House pieces must be one I can proudly put my name on. I believe it is a privilege to enjoy a creative career, this drives me to create the highest level of quality for all clients. It is this level of detail which creates the brand style synonyms with House.


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Meeting customers is one of my favourite things to do, and as such you are always welcome into the Gallery, which is open by appointment - so if we're not there when you are then no worries, use the number above to get in contact and we'll make it happen.

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