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Okay so here we go - please don't laugh as writing really isn't my strong point! I wanted to have an up to date way of telling anyone who stumbles on the website House news, so I thought it might be a good idea to give this 'blog' thing a go.... we will see. Without getting to bogged down in waffle on my first post I just wanted to say Hi and give you a quick House update:

This November marks House's fourth year of business, and so I decided to sort through and do a little Autumn, spring cleaning - both on and offline - with my new website being one major change, another is my studio (I will put a before and after shot on Instagram to show you!) and a refocus on what I enjoy the most in my business, which is fabric - so get ready for some seriously sumptuous fabrics in the next couple of months!

Anyway, thats probably enough from me for now.