House by Hazel

The Butterfly Bush Collection

Hazel Holland

I am delighted to launch the new House by Hazel Spring Summer 2018 Collection - Butterfly Bush. Inspired by the symbiotic relationship between the Buddleia Bush and our native Butterfly species.


Nature is always such a valuable source of inspiration to me and this collection was no exception, I really took the opportunity to look further than the visual aspect of this collections inspiration and found that I was able to create an even more aesthetically accomplished out come within the final pieces for doing so. After learning about the Painted Lady Butterfly on BBC Fours - The Great Butterfly Adventure: Africa to Britain with the Painted LadyI was taken by this creatures extraordinary journey to our shores and the importance of the Buddleia set my mind thinking about this invasive plants sometimes overlooked beauty. Once I began to look into the plants relationship further, the realisation of its value to the wide variety of our most beautiful insects it helps sustain became prelivant, helping inform the imagery and colour palette for the collection. 


Staying true to the natural colours of both the plant and the butterflies I created an informed colour palette based on three of the richest key colours - Greens, Oranges and Deep Lilacs. Colour is always such a defining point of my work so getting the balance of these colours right was of great importance to the overall richness of the designs.

Along side the colour development came the illustration work, I took the common Buddleia - Buddleja davidii (the one we've all seen clinging to the side of crumblings chimney stacks or in abundance along train tracks) and started the process of capturing the many tiny little flower heads which feed the butterflies so well. By way of contract I also focused on the Buddleia Globosa - less common but seriously stunning! This created great contrast in both shape and colour. The butterflies were drawn throughout the summer, as and when I could draw or photograph them quickly enough.


Once I had collected enough visual reference to begin I started working out and fitting the visuals into the repeat and placement prints, creating four designs (for the moment) visually working as a group as well as individual pieces. I wanted to create a balanced collection which took advantage of a variety of colour combinations, scales and visual reference within the subject matter - all printed onto super soft, upholstery grade Linen/Cotton and Cotton Satin.  



The four choices include Butterfly Bush, Cabbage White and Leaf on a beautiful linen mix fabric suitable for upholstery and Painted Lady printed on Cotton Satin with exceptional drape.


A variety of two cushion options to choose from based on the two main butterflies which informed this collection - the Cabbage White Cushion (60cm x 60cm Linen/mix) and Painted Lady Cushion (45cm x 45cm Cotton Satin).

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